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Getting Started

A complete step by step guide to getting started on Cigo Tracker

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What is Cigo Tracker?Streamline last-mile operations, customize workflows, and enhance customer communication for cost-effective delivery management.
Getting Started: The Settings PageElevate logistics with Cigo Tracker's settings guide. Customize your account for enhanced efficiency and client satisfaction.
Getting Started: The Location PageDiscover how to add locations in Cigo Tracker to optimize route planning, get ETA accuracy, and enhance customer service experiences.
Getting Started: The Vehicle PageMaster fleet management: add, track, and manage vehicles effortlessly with Cigo Tracker for superior route planning and dispatch.
Getting Started: The Operator PageStep-by-step guide to adding operators in Cigo, complete with tips for custom profiles, performance tracking, and easy management.
Getting Started: The Staff PageLearn how to add staff, create roles, and manage permissions in Cigo, ensuring security and efficiency in your organizational hierarchy.
Getting Started: Setting up my NotificationsBoost customer engagement with timely notifications on deliveries. Ensure effective communication via web, CSV, or API setups.
Getting Started: Setting up my MerchantsUnlock merchant integration potential for streamlined operations and superior service delivery. Essential for operational efficiency.
Getting Started: Understanding CSV ImportsMaster Cigo Tracker CSV: Key for logistics, enhancing data handling & delivery efficiency. Essential fields detailed for optimal use.
Getting Started: Streamlining 3PL Operations for MerchantsMaximize logistics efficiency: Cigo Tracker guide for 3PL & merchants. From setup to advanced tools, streamline your operations.
Getting Started: Navigating the Import ToolUnlock Efficiency: Import Tool Streamlines CSV imports with speed, precision & ease. Explore features & steps for seamless data management.