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Getting Started: The Operator Page
Getting Started: The Operator Page

Step-by-step guide to adding operators in Cigo, complete with tips for custom profiles, performance tracking, and easy management.

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Optimize Your Delivery Service with Cigo: Adding Operators Made Easymake

After creating your vehicles, the next step is to establish a solid framework for your delivery operations by incorporating a skilled team of operators into the Cigo Tracker system. Operators are the linchpins of your service, the direct link between your promises and customer satisfaction.

Crafting detailed operator profiles is essential not only for supervising performance but also for personalizing your customers’ experiences and assigning jobs accurately. Cigo Tracker acknowledges the pivotal function operators occupy and thus has developed an intuitive interface to simplify their integration into your system.

This guide is your pathway to understanding how you can seamlessly add operators in Cigo, coupled with insightful tips to enhance your operational capabilities through effective operator management.

Getting Started: The Operator Page

Establishing Operator Profiles in Cigo Tracker for Enhanced Performance and Job Assignment

Operator profiles play a crucial role in your delivery ecosystem, as they allow you to distinguish performance based on customer feedback and delegate tasks accurately. With Cigo Tracker, you have the benefit of managing various facets of operator information, effectively streamlining your service.

In the Operator section of Cigo Tracker, you’re endowed with the capacity to:

  • Generate Login Credentials: You can create login details for an unlimited number of operators, ensuring each one has a unique entry point into the system. It’s worth noting that the email address associated with each operator is simply a placeholder.

    It doesn’t need to be an active email, and operators will not receive any emails at this address.

  • Define Departure Addresses: For operators with starting points that differ from your main hubs, such as Branches or Warehouses, you can list an alternative departure address. This information is pivotal for planning efficient routes and ensuring punctual delivery services.

Creating an Operator in Cigo Tracker

To navigate to theOperators page, go to Left Menu Panel > Organization > Operators.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Accessing the Operators Page)

Setting Up Operators in Cigo Tracker

To add an operator in Cigo. Once on the ‘Operators’ page, go to the top right and click the green “+ Add Operator” button.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Adding an Operator)

Once on the “Add New Operator” page, follow the steps below to create your Operator.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Overview)

Full Name (Mandatory)

Enter the operator’s full name. This will be used to create reports on performance, so we recommend making sure every operator is labelled differently.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Name)

Email (Mandatory)

As mentioned above, this is purely a vanity email. It can be anything that is easy to remember.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Email)

New Password (Mandatory)

Cigo will prompt you on password strength as you type. See the guidelines underneath the field to create a strong password.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (New Password)

Confirm Password (Mandatory)

Ensure that the passwords are identical prior to proceeding.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Confirm Password)

Reference ID (Optional)

If you have external identifiers, you can enter them here.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Reference ID)

Cell Phone (Optional)

Operators work cell or personal cell.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Cell Phone)

Address (Optional)

Providing an alternative departure address for operators who typically do not commence their routes from a listed branch or warehouse is advisable. In such instances, input the address they frequently use as their starting location.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Address)

Saving Changes

After entering all necessary information, click the 'Save' button located at the bottom right of the page to finalize your vehicle's profile.

Getting Started: The Operator Page (Saving Changes)

In Conclusion

Adding operator profiles to Cigo Tracker is an empowering step towards optimizing your delivery operations. By tailoring each profile, you’re creating a system that is not just efficient but also adaptive to your business’s unique workflow and customer service standards.

With the simplicity of adding and managing operators, Cigo Tracker propels your service into a new realm of professionalism and control. Now, with their profiles set, your next venture is the Staff Page, which will offer insights into managing your workforce more effectively.

Embrace these new capabilities with confidence, knowing that Cigo Tracker is your companion in the journey towards an exceptional delivery service.

Need more help?

If you have any questions or require further assistance with using the Operator Page, our dedicated support team is here to help:

  • Contact Support: Reach out to us at

  • Knowledge Base: Browse our Knowledge Base for detailed guides and FAQs on how to make the most of all our tools and features.

  • Live Chat: Click on the 'Chat' icon in the lower right corner of your screen to speak with one of our support agents in real-time.

We’re committed to providing you with the resources you need to excel at route management with Cigo Tracker.

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