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Getting Started: Setting up my Merchants
Getting Started: Setting up my Merchants

Unlock merchant integration potential for streamlined operations and superior service delivery. Essential for operational efficiency.

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Merchant Integration with Cigo Tracker

In the intricate ecosystem of Cigo Tracker, establishing a solid foundation for your merchants is a pivotal first step. This guide is meticulously designed to navigate you through the process of creating merchant accounts, a crucial phase that sets the stage for streamlined operations and enhanced service delivery.

Note: To begin the process of accessing the Merchant page and creating merchant accounts, the first step is to contact your account manager. They will initiate the setup by enabling the specific module required for merchant account management.

Initiating Merchant Account Creation

The journey to integrate a merchant within Cigo Tracker begins with a simple yet significant step: accessing the 'Merchants’ section under the organization and clicking on the “+ add merchant” icon located at the top right corner. This action opens the gateway to a series of fields essential for a comprehensive merchant profile.

Getting Started: Setting up my Merchants (+Add Merchant)

Essential Fields for Merchant Profile

To ensure a seamless setup, you’re required to fill out various fields that capture the essence of the merchant’s business:

  • Business Name: A cornerstone identifier for the merchant.

  • Login and Contact Emails: Essential for communication and access.

  • New Password: To safeguard access, complemented by a confirmation step.

  • Location: Critical for job association, necessitating a pre-created specific location for the merchant.

  • Default Location: Anchors the merchant’s operational base.

  • Address: Merchant's Address

  • Merchant Level: Outlined with a helpful description to differentiate roles.

    Getting Started: Setting up my Merchants (Permissions by Role)
  • Merchant Contact Number: A direct line for communication.

  • Platform Language: To tailor the user experience.

    Getting Started: Setting up my Merchants (Creating Merchant Process)

Tailoring Access and Permissions

Beyond basic information, setting up nuanced access permissions is crucial for a tailored experience:

  • IP Block Exemption: Allows unrestricted login capabilities, overriding default IP Whitelist settings.

  • IP Whitelist: Specifies permissible IP addresses for platform access, enhancing security.

  • API Access: Grants controlled interaction with the Public API, limited to user-created jobs and actions.

  • Chat Access: Enables messaging for jobs linked to the merchant’s locations, fostering communication.

    Getting Started: Setting up my Merchants (Access and Permissions)

Conclusion: Laying the Groundwork for Success

By meticulously completing the merchant setup process in Cigo Tracker, you pave the way for operational efficiency and enhanced merchant satisfaction. This detailed onboarding process not only simplifies the integration of merchants but also ensures they are well-equipped to manage their operations effectively. Through careful attention to each step and configuration, you establish a robust foundation for your merchants, contributing to a seamless ecosystem within Cigo Tracker.

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