How can I export Planner reports?

In Planner, select day, click export icon, choose Planner report, and download CSV.

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Streamline Your Data: Simple Steps to Export Planner Reports from Cigo Tracker

  1. Access the Planner.

    FAQ: Planner (Accessing the Planner Page)

  2. Choose the day for which you want to export the data of the Planner report.

    FAQ: Planner (Calendar)

  3. Click on the export icon.

    FAQ: Planner (Export Icon)

  4. Select the Planner report.

    FAQ: Planner (Planner Report)

  5. Choose the Download CSV icon.

    FAQ: Planner (Download CSV Icon)

  6. The download will start automatically.

    FAQ: Planner (Download Process)

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