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How do I make changes to an itinerary from the Planner page?
How do I make changes to an itinerary from the Planner page?

Navigate to Planner, select route, click 'Edit,' adjust route as needed, and save changes.

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Route Revision Made Simple: Editing Itineraries in Cigo Tracker's Planner

  1. Access the Planner Section: Log in to your Cigo Tracker account and navigate to the “Planner” section, where you manage your routes and itineraries.

    FAQ: Planner (Accessing the Planner Page)

  2. Select the Desired Route: Locate and choose the specific route you need to change. Click on the route to select it.

    FAQ: Planner (Locate Itinerary)

  3. Access Route Builder: Click on the “Edit” icon or option associated with the selected route. This action will lead you to the route builder interface, where you can manage the details of the itinerary.

    FAQ: Planner (Edit Icon)

  4. Modify the Route: Inside the route builder, you will find various options to edit and modify the route. Focus on the section that allows you to adjust assignments, stops, and other relevant information.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Itinerary)

  5. Make Necessary Changes: Implement the required changes to the itinerary. This can include reassigning stops to different drivers, adding new stops, or removing existing ones.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Making Changes to the Itinerary)

  6. Save Your Changes: Once you’ve made the desired adjustments, ensure that you save your modifications by clicking the “Save” button, typically found within the route builder interface.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Saving the Itinerary)

  7. Confirmation: Your changes will be saved and applied to the itinerary, reflecting your updates to assignments and stops.

    FAQ: Planner (Confirming Changes)

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