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How can I add a pending job to a route from the Planner?
How can I add a pending job to a route from the Planner?

Go to Planner, open Route Builder, find Pending Jobs, add job to the desired route, and save changes.

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Integrating Pending Jobs: Adding Tasks to Routes in Cigo Tracker's Planner

  1. Access the Planner: Log in to your Cigo Tracker account and navigate to the “Planner,” where you manage your routes and itineraries.

    FAQ: Planner (Accessing the Planner Page)

  2. Open Route Builder: Click on the “Route Builder” icon associated with the specific route you want to modify. This will take you to the route builder interface, where you can make changes to the route.

    FAQ: Planner (Accessing the Route Builder)

  3. Select Desired Route: From the list of itineraries, choose which itinerary you want to add a job to.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Itinerary)

  4. Locate Pending Jobs Section: Within the route builder interface, locate the section dedicated to pending jobs. This section is positioned at the top of the interface and lists jobs waiting to be assigned to a route.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Pending Jobs)

  5. Add Job to Itinerary: After selecting the desired job, you will see an option to add it to the itinerary. This will be in the form of a button or icon.

    FAQ: Route Builder (+Add)

  6. Save Your Changes: Once you’ve added the pending job to the itinerary, please make sure that you save your modifications. This is done by clicking the “Save” icon.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Saving Itinerary)

  7. Confirmation: The pending job will now be incorporated into the itinerary of the selected route.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Changes Confirmation)

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