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How do I clone/reschedule an existing Itinerary in the Planner?
How do I clone/reschedule an existing Itinerary in the Planner?

Find itinerary in Planner, click 'Clone' or 'Reschedule' icon, select action, choose date if rescheduling, and confirm changes.

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Effortless Itinerary Management: Cloning and Rescheduling in Cigo Tracker Planner

  1. Locate the Itinerary: Start by accessing the Planner Section and find the specific itinerary you wish to clone or reschedule.

    FAQ: Planner (Locate Itinerary)

  2. Select Clone/Reschedule Icon: Once you’ve located the itinerary, look for the “Clone” or “Reschedule” icon. Click on this icon to initiate the process.

    FAQ: Planner (Clone/Reschedule Icon)

  3. Choose Clone or Reschedule: A prompt will appear, presenting you with the choice to either “Clone” the itinerary or “Reschedule” it. Choose the appropriate option based on your needs.

    FAQ: Planner (Clone/Reschedule Options)
  4. Select Target Date: If you’re rescheduling, you’ll be asked to pick a new date for the itinerary. Use the date picker to select the desired date.

    FAQ: Planner (Calendar)

  5. Submit the Changes: After selecting “Clone” or “Reschedule” and providing the necessary information, submit the changes. This action will duplicate the itinerary or adjust its schedule accordingly.

    FAQ: Planner (Clon/Reschedule Process)

By following these steps, you’ll be able to efficiently clone or reschedule an existing itinerary within the Planner Section. This feature can help you manage similar routes or adjust schedules as needed.

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