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Optimize your logistics with Cigo Tracker's Planner—streamline route management and boost productivity with precision and ease.

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Mastering Route Management: Leverage the Full Power of the Planner for Optimized Daily Dispatch Operations

In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficient logistics management can significantly impact the success of your operations.

Whether you’re coordinating a fleet of delivery vehicles or scheduling service appointments, streamlining your route planning process is key to ensuring productivity and customer satisfaction. Enter Cigo Tracker’s Planner, a state-of-the-art tool designed to revolutionize the way businesses manage their daily journeys.

With a suite of features aimed at enhancing real-time control and optimizing routes, the Planner serves as a cornerstone of effective dispatch management. In this piece, we will delve into the robust capabilities of the Planner, showcasing how it empowers users to take charge of their logistics with precision and convenience.

What It Delivers for Your Daily Logistics

The Planner is a powerful tool that helps you manage and optimize your daily routes. It enables you to create and manage daily trips, filter trips by date, change routes, and optimize route plans.

It contains every route created in the past, present, or future. It allows dispatchers to control a route completely in real-time.

The main feature highlights are:

  1. Access Route Plans: “Navigate through past, present, and future route plans with ease, ensuring every journey is within reach.”

  2. Edit Vehicles: “Update your fleet specifications in real-time to keep your vehicle information accurate and up-to-date.”

  3. Edit Customers: “Fine-tune customer details on-the-go, ensuring personalized service and efficient route alignment.”

  4. Print Itinerary: “Generate hard copies of your trip itineraries with a simple click, facilitating smooth operations and clear communication.”

  5. Clone Itinerary: “Duplicate successful routes effortlessly, saving time and energy in planning repeat trips.”

  6. Delete Itinerary: “Maintain a clutter-free planning environment by removing obsolete or unwanted itineraries with confidence.”

  7. Reschedule Itineraries: “Adapt to the unexpected by conveniently rescheduling itineraries to meet changing needs and circumstances.”

You can also view or search for the following:

  • Pending Jobs: “Keep a pulse on pending jobs, ensuring they are promptly addressed and integrated into your route plans.”

  • Available Vehicles: “Monitor your fleet’s availability to optimize utilization and avoid unnecessary downtime.”

  • Available Operators: “Ascertain the availability of your operators to ensure that every route is manned by the right person at the right time.”

With this powerful and easy-to-use tool, you’ll be able to plan and coordinate routes more efficiently.

Cigo Planner

A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhanced Route Management

The first step of being able to use the Planner is to go to Left Menu Panel > Planner. From there, you’ll be able to access all the features of the Planner.

Cigo Planner: Accessing the Planner Page

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Leveraging Date Filters for Trip Planning Precision

The Filter by Date feature allows you to create and modify trips based on a specific date. Users can filter the Planner by past, present or future dates.

Cigo Planner: Date Filter

A Closer Look at the Planner's Route Builder Tool

The Route Builder feature helps you switch quickly from the Planner to the route builder.

Cigo Planner: Route Builder Tool

Overview of Itineraries and Customer Appointments

The Itinerary and Customer Scheduled let you know the number of itineraries and customers scheduled for the day that’s been selected.

Cigo Planner: Itineraries and Customer Counter

How to Print Your Itinerary Labels

Printing your itinerary labels is straightforward. If you select the “Print Itinerary Labels” option, you will have the ability to choose from the printing options:

Cigo Label Printing

Cigo Planner: Label Printer


Cigo Planner: Bartender

Exporting Reports and Summaries with Ease

If you would like to export your Planner Report or Itineraries Summary as a CSV file, all you need to do is select the export icon, choose the report you want, and click on Download CSV. Your file will then be saved in the downloads folder of your web browser.

Cigo Planner: Export

Cigo Planner: Export Options

Exploring the Planner Report Feature

Cigo Planner: Export Process

Cigo Planner: CSV Download

Benefits of the Itineraries Summary

Cigo Planner: Itinerary Summary

Cigo Planner: Itinerary Summary Process

Simplifying Your Workflow with Clone Itineraries

To clone an existing Itinerary, you only need to choose the Clone Itinerary icon. A pop-up will appear where you can select the day you’d like to duplicate the itinerary. Select the desired itineraries and then press ‘Clone’ to finish.

Cigo Planner: Clone Itineraries

Cigo Planner: Clone Itineraries Process

An Editor’s Guide to Customizing Itineraries

The Edit Itinerary feature allows you to make changes to the itinerary, such as:

  • Driver

  • jobs

  • vehicle

  • Itinerary settings

  • Handle time

To edit an itinerary, select ‘Edit Itinerary.’ A pop-up window will appear displaying your available itineraries. You can choose the one you want to edit and click ‘Edit.’ You will then be taken to a page where you can make changes.

Cigo Planner: Edit Fonction

Cigo Planner: Edit Fonction Process

Managing Pending Jobs Efficiently

The Pending Jobs feature allows you to view any pending jobs that have yet to be assigned to a route. You can search for customers entering their information. You can add any pending jobs to existing routes and the option to delete, un-schedule, or reschedule any pending jobs.

Cigo Planner: Pending Jobs

Utilizing the Route Plan for Improved Dispatching

The Route Plan feature allows you to view the route plan as a single map with a list of customer information. Additionally, you can refresh the page by selecting “Refresh.”

Cigo Planner: Route Plan

Cigo Planner: Route Plan Overview

Revisiting the Itinerary Modification Process

The Edit Itinerary feature allows you to make changes to the itinerary, such as:

  • Driver

  • jobs

  • vehicle

  • Itinerary settings

  • Handle time

Cigo Planner: Edit Itinerary

How to Utilize the Print Data Feature for Your Routes

The Print Data feature can be accessed by clicking the ‘Print’ button on the route section. After clicking the ‘Print’ button, a new page should open, giving you these options for printing:

  • Download CSV (Long version)

  • Download CSV (Short version)

  • Download PDF

Cigo Planner: Print Data

Cigo Planner: Print Data Process

The Art of Cloning and Rescheduling Itineraries

The Clone Itinerary feature lets you quickly copy or reschedule a route plan. This is useful if you need to make multiple trips on a particular route or if you need to reschedule the route.

Cigo Planner: Clone and Rescheduling Itinerary

Cigo Planner: Clone and Rescheduling Itinerary Process

When and How to Delete Itineraries from your Planner

The Delete Itinerary feature allows you to remove a route plan quickly. This is helpful if you need to quickly remove a route or if you want to free up space in your route planner.

Cigo Planner: Delete Itinerary

Note: All the information visible on the main route plan page, such as route details, waypoints, etc., will be printed on the page. If you need to edit any route details, such as dates, time frames, etc.., please do so before printing the page.


As we conclude our comprehensive walkthrough of the Cigo Tracker's Planner, it is clear that this tool stands as an indispensable asset for any business seeking to optimize their routing processes.

From its intuitive interface that makes accessing and managing route plans a breeze to the granular control that allows for real-time adjustments, the Planner has proven itself to be more than just a utility, it is a pivotal component in the orchestration of efficient and reliable scheduling.

By harnessing the full potential of the Planner, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, improve service delivery, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction to new heights. Cigo Tracker's commitment to innovation and ease-of-use is exemplified in the Planner, equipping dispatchers with the capabilities necessary to navigate the complexities of today's logistical challenges with confidence and mastery.

Need more help?

If you have any questions or require further assistance with using the Planner, our dedicated support team is here to help:

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  • Live Chat: Click on the 'Chat' icon in the lower right corner of your screen to speak with one of our support agents in real-time.

We're committed to providing you with the resources you need to excel at route management with Cigo Tracker.

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