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How do I generate and print itinerary details (run sheet)?
How do I generate and print itinerary details (run sheet)?

In Planner Section, click the print icon for a route, choose format, and download the file to print.

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Turn Routes into Reality: Generating and Printing Itinerary details with Cigo Tracker

Printing an itinerary details is a straightforward process:

  1. Locate Route: Find the route you want to print in the Planner Section.

    FAQ: Planner (Locate Itinerary)

  2. Select Print Icon: Click on the print icon associated with the chosen route.

    FAQ: Planner (Select Print Icon)

  3. Print Options: A window will appear with printing options.

    FAQ: Planner (Print options)

  4. Choose Format: Select the preferred format for printing. You can choose from CSV (short or long) or PDF.

    FAQ: Planner (CSV Format)

  5. Initiate Download: Look for the event notification indicating the file is ready for download.

    FAQ: Planner (Initiate Download)

  6. Download File: Click on the notification event, and the file will be automatically downloaded

    FAQ: Planner (File Download)

    FAQ: Planner (Download Complete)

By following these steps, you’ll have the itinerary details printed in the format that suits your needs.

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