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April 23rd, 2024 - Release Notes
April 23rd, 2024 - Release Notes
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April Updates for Web and Mobile Platforms

As we near the end of April, our development team has been hard at work refining and enhancing our platforms. This month has seen significant progress, with important updates rolled out to our iOS and Android mobile applications, alongside foundational work on our web interface. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience remains steadfast. Let's review the progress we've made together.

Android v2.31.4

  • Offline Route Data Collection: Users can now collect actual route data offline and submit it when reconnected, enhancing accuracy and usability.

  • Administrative Control: Administrators can now manage operator access to the "Future" tab, providing better control over platform usage.

  • Job Status Reversion: Users can revert job status from "Incomplete" to "Completed" or "Partially Completed," improving workflow management.

  • Bug Fixes: Several issues have been addressed, including preferred navigation selection and display of fulfillment time windows, enhancing overall functionality.

iOS v2.31.4

  • Offline Route Data Collection: Similar to Android, iOS users can now collect actual route data offline and submit it when reconnected, improving accuracy.

  • Administrative Control: Administrators can manage operator access to the "Future" tab on iOS devices, ensuring consistent management across platforms.

  • Job Status Reversion: iOS users now have the capability to revert job status from "Incomplete" to "Completed" or "Partially Completed," providing flexibility in managing job statuses.

Web Platform

April 21st, 2024

  • Enhanced Sub-Administrator Control: Administrators now have the option to empower Sub-Administrators with even more control. In addition to updating Staff members, Operators, Locations, and Vehicles, Sub-administrator users can now also create these resources, providing greater flexibility in managing your team.

  • Operator Insights on Dashboard: Get a deeper understanding of your operations with supplemental information about your assigned operators directly on the Dashboard. Stay informed and make better decisions with enhanced visibility.

  • Data Export Functionality: Seamlessly export data from the Scheduled Jobs and Concluded Jobs pages to a spreadsheet CSV file. Easily analyze and manipulate your data offline for improved insights and reporting.

  • Time Window Visibility: Keep track of time window values with the new column added to the Scheduled Jobs and Concluded Jobs pages. This information is also included in the exported spreadsheet CSV file, ensuring comprehensive data management.

  • Metrics Refinement for On-Route Stops: Continuing our commitment to excellence, we've made ongoing improvements to how we handle metrics for On-Route stops. Experience smoother operations and enhanced efficiency with refined metrics management.

  • User Experience Enhancements in Import Tool: Enjoy a more intuitive and efficient user experience with the latest improvements to our Import Tool. We've streamlined processes to make importing data easier and more straightforward.

    • Note: The updated version of the Import Tool is currently undergoing extensive A/B testing and optimization. Once all bugs and edge cases are resolved, it will be made available to all customers for a seamless experience.

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