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February 2nd, 2024 - Release Notes
February 2nd, 2024 - Release Notes

New job shortcut, advanced reporting & bug fixes boost Cigo Tracker's web, iOS, Android platforms for users & dispatchers.

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Web, iOS, and Android Platform Updates and New Features for January

As January winds down, we’re eager to share a host of exciting updates and features that we’ve rolled out across our web, iOS, and Android platforms. Our dedicated team has been hard at work not only introducing new functionalities but also implementing critical bug fixes to enhance overall performance and user experience.

These updates are designed to make our service more intuitive, efficient, and responsive to your needs.

Helping Dispatchers and Enhancing User Experience: Recent Additions and Fixes

The latest Cigo Tracker updates enhance dispatcher efficiency and user experience with new features like job shortcuts and advanced reporting, alongside crucial performance and bug fixes across all platforms.


Feb 1st

  • Introduced a new “Add a Job” shortcut for dispatchers and other roles with Job creation permissions from the sidebar, allowing quick access to create a new Job without navigating to the "Customers & Jobs" page.

  • In the Planner, when exporting a single itinerary's report to CSV by selecting the "Print" option with the "Long version", we added columns for each job including Job Type, Invoice Number(s), Phone Number, Mobile Number, Email, Value, Handle Time, Volume, Weight, Quantity, and Piece Count.

  • Resolved an issue in the confirmation module where addresses containing apostrophes were not rendered correctly.

Jan 28th

  • Enhanced customer review functionality with two options: customers can now provide a single score or two scores—one for their Job fulfillment experience and another for their interaction with your sales team. Accessible in the "Company Settings" page under "Web Tracker: Review."

Jan 10th

  • Addressed a minor bug in the Route Builder, specifically related to the auto-split function.

  • Introduced resource creation limits at the organization level to prevent system abuse, allowing configuration by your account manager. These limits govern the number of active Staff, Operators, Vehicles, Locations, Merchants, and set a defined cap on the daily number of Jobs your organization account can create.

Jan 9th

  • Addressed minor bugs in the Route Builder, specifically related to zone management and the lasso tool option.

  • Resolved a problem causing review submission failures from the Web Tracker under specific circumstances.

Jan 7th

  • Introducing a new toggle in Company Settings: "Automatically set Job status based on On Route Stop actions status," enabling automatic marking of related Jobs as "Cancelled" and removal from the itinerary when On-Route Stop Pick-up actions are marked as "Incomplete."


Jan 22nd (v2.30.2)

  • Improved geofencing for precise entry/exit tracking, ensuring accuracy even offline.

  • Resolved a landscape mode bug causing crashes with pictures in that orientation.

  • Optimized queued event processing for accurate offline action submission upon stable network reconnection.


Feb 1st (2.30.3)

  • Fixed an issue with status change operations being sent from the app with the wrong timestamp.

Jan 22nd (2.30.2)

  • Improved geofencing for precise entry/exit tracking, ensuring accuracy even offline.

  • Fixed a problem where the actual route tracking feature was not accurately collecting geolocation data.

The recent updates to Cigo Tracker across web, iOS, and Android platforms represent a significant stride forward in operational efficiency and user-centric design.

With thoughtful enhancements such as the “Add a Job” shortcut, expanded customer review options, and improved geofencing accuracy, along with diligent bug fixes, Cigo Tracker demonstrates its unwavering commitment to delivering a seamless and intuitive experience for all its users.

These upgrades ensure that both dispatchers and clients alike can enjoy a more reliable, efficient, and responsive service.

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