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April 3rd, 2024 - Release Notes
April 3rd, 2024 - Release Notes

March updates across web and mobile platforms: Stability, performance, and user experience enhancements were prioritized.

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March Updates for Web and Mobile Platforms

As we ushered in spring, our development team has been vigorously at work, refining and enhancing our platforms across the board. March was a month of significant progress, marked by pivotal updates to our mobile applications on iOS and Android, as well as preparatory advancements on our web interface, all aimed at elevating the user experience to new heights. Here's a recap of the strides we've made:

Android v2.31.2

  • Code Structure Overhaul: We've rearchitected our codebase to significantly reduce battery consumption, offering users extended usability without the constant need for recharging.

  • Enhanced Stability: By resolving out-of-memory errors and rectifying code logic flaws, we've substantially reduced app crashes, ensuring a smoother, more reliable experience.

  • Performance Optimizations: Users will now enjoy a faster logout process and quicker processing of request queues, making the app more responsive and efficient.

  • Support Feature Improvement: The "Send to Support" feature has been refined to encourage user feedback before log submission, enhancing our ability to address user concerns effectively.

  • Chat Functionality Correction: We've fixed a previously overlooked issue where the chat character limit was not enforced, preventing confusion among users attempting to send messages in Jobs chat.

iOS v2.31.3

  • User Experience Enhancements: Like its Android counterpart, the iOS version now benefits from a quicker logout process, ensuring a seamless transition for users ending their sessions.

  • Improved Support Interaction: The "Send to Support" feature on iOS has been upgraded to prompt for user feedback before logs are submitted, streamlining the support process.

  • Chat Limitation Fix: The enforcement of character limits in Job's chat has been corrected, mirroring the Android update to eliminate user confusion over message submission.

Web Platform

April 2nd

  • Route Builder fixes:

    • Addressed an issue where re-assigning stops through the job detail info window (from the map) after using the routed markers lasso tool was not functioning properly.

    • Resolved an issue with the time window filter for jobs with a specified time window.

    • Fixed an issue with zone management functionality.

  • Route Builder Enhancement:

    • Following the execution of the Auto-dispatch feature in the Route Builder, if certain zones remain partially dispatched, we've implemented a method for users to review warnings and explanations regarding why some zones may not have been fully dispatched. This functionality mirrors the warning system of the Auto-Split feature.

    • Note: This enhancement is relevant only for users with the Auto-dispatch feature enabled. For further details about zone-based auto-dispatching, please get in touch with your account manager or contact support to be connected with the appropriate assistance.

  • Enhanced Job Profile Page Feature:

    • A new feature has been introduced on the Job profile page allowing dispatchers and other web users to approve or reject incomplete reports submitted by operators. In case of rejection, they can specify reasons from a set of predefined options or provide detailed explanations.

    • This report amendment data is accessible via the Public API under the GET Retrieve a Job’s reports endpoint.

    • Additionally, a new webhook has been added to notify when a job's incomplete report is amended in this manner.

  • Webhook Notifications Fix:

    • Addressed an issue with webhook notifications specifically related to changes in a job's status from "Completed" to "Incomplete" via the web.

March 20th

  • Route Builder Performance Optimization:

    • Substantial improvements have been implemented in the Route Builder to enhance its performance, ensuring efficient rendering and usage even on lower-end hardware.

  • New Feature in Route Builder:

    • Added a functionality to access a job's actions directly from the itinerary's stops list within the Route Builder.

March 13th

  • Enhanced User Permissions:

    • Administrators and sub-administrators can now apply the same "Routing Restrictions" previously available only to Dispatcher users, to Manager users as well.

  • Routing Restrictions Fix:

    • Addressed an issue where the location type was not mandatory when enabling Routing Restrictions, leading to complications in the Route Builder.

March 6th

  • Route Builder Fix: Resolved an issue where the filter option for "Only unassigned" was not functioning correctly when selecting an operator to assign to an itinerary.

  • Notification and Confirmation Messages Fix:

    • Addressed an issue related to scheduled notifications and confirmation messages, resolving any inconsistencies or errors.

  • Public API Enhancement:

    • When retrieving a Job via GET from the Public API, you can now also access the wait time metric.

  • Wait Time Feature:

    • Operators can now specify the duration of their wait at each stop before fulfillment. To enable this feature, please contact your account manager. Once activated, operators will be able to add additional wait times for each stop on their route. These values will be visible on the concluded jobs page report.

March 4th

  • Route Builder Fix: Resolved an issue in the Route Builder where itinerary state filters incorrectly labeled completed itineraries as still in progress.

March 3rd

  • Planner Report Enhancements:

    • When exporting the "Planner Report" from the Planner, new columns have been introduced for job type, handle time, weight, volume, quantity, and piece count.

    • To access these additional columns, administrators need to navigate to their Company Settings and enable "Include Metrics" under the "Planner Export Options."

  • Dashboard Access Control:

    • Administrators or sub-administrators now have the ability to restrict Customer Support Level 2 users to view only the itineraries on the Dashboard that are assigned a specific subset of vehicles.

February 29th

  • Route Builder Fix: Addressed an issue where access to itineraries was blocked if more than 100 itineraries had been created and saved in the Route Builder.

February 27th

  • Public API Enhancement: Added the postal code value of a location object in the GET Location response within the Public API.

  • Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where empty emails were erroneously sent to customers due to specific company account configurations (impacting only a very small subset of accounts).

February 25th

  • Route Builder Enhancements:

    • Time preference indication has been added to job details in the map view's info windows and the pending jobs list.

    • Addressed an issue in the Route Builder where the user's selected platform language was not accurately reflected in the interface.

February 22nd

  • Enhanced Public API Performance: Response times for our Public API have been significantly improved.

  • Bug Fix: Addressed an issue where non-started jobs couldn't be deleted if a Cigo Pay tip link had been generated for them.

  • Web Tracker Review Section: Adjusted the wording in the review section of the Web Tracker for improved clarity.

  • Limited Preview Mode: We've introduced our enhanced Import Tool experience to a select group of customers.

    • This new version boasts improved processing speed.

    • Capable of handling very large files efficiently.

    • Users have control over which jobs are automatically transferred from the staging area to Cigo, based on address validity.

    • Direct editing of actions is now supported.

    • More job fields can be edited during the staging phase.

    • And more…

We'll release a comprehensive update once the new Import Tool becomes generally available.

February 21st

  • Introducing a new map marker style for quick identification of pending confirmation jobs with specified time preferences

  • Minor bug fixes for the Route Builder

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