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Troubleshooting Common Cigo Tracker Android Issues
Troubleshooting Common Cigo Tracker Android Issues

Disable battery optimization for Cigo Tracker in your Android settings to prevent interruptions from aggressive power saving features.

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Maximize App Efficiency: Solving Cigo Tracker Android Battery Optimization Issues

On Samsung and some other Android devices, an aggressive battery management feature can sometimes cause problems with the Cigo Tracker app. To alleviate this issue, please guide your operator through the process of disabling battery optimization for the Cigo Tracker app.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the phone settings on the device.

    FAQ: Device Settings

  2. Access the "Apps" section

    FAQ: Device Settings (Apps)

  3. Locate and select the “Cigo Tracker” app from the list of installed applications.

    FAQ: Device Settings (Cigo Tracker)

  4. Within the app, you will find “Battery.”

    FAQ: Device Settings (Battery)

  5. Among the various battery optimization options, choose “Unrestricted.”

    FAQ: Device Settings (Unrestricted)

This setting change ensures that the Cigo Tracker app can operate without interruptions caused by aggressive battery management. It’s essential to follow these steps to maintain the app’s functionality and effectiveness.

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