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Ensure Continuous Android Location in Cigo Tracker
Ensure Continuous Android Location in Cigo Tracker

Guide to configuring Cigo Tracker on Android for precise, ongoing location tracking, ensuring effective management and operator efficiency.

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Optimizing Cigo Tracker for Accurate Location Updates on Android Devices

Ensuring that your operators' locations are accurately and continuously reported in the Cigo Tracker app is crucial for efficient management and tracking. If an operator's location hasn't been updated in the last two hours, it's essential to check that their Cigo Tracker app is properly configured to report their location continuously, especially on Android devices like Samsung.

Adjusting Location Reporting Settings

To make sure that the Cigo Tracker app has all the necessary permissions to report location data accurately, follow these steps on your Android device:

Step 1: Accessing App Information

  • Long press the Cigo Tracker app icon on your device.

  • Navigate to "App Info" to view the app's settings and permissions.

Step 2: Modifying Permissions

  • Proceed to the "Permissions" section in the app settings.

  • In the "Allowed" section, find the "Location" setting.

Step 3: Enabling Constant Location Access

Ensure that the location permission is set to "Allow all the time". This setting is crucial for the app to report the operator's location continuously.

Ensuring Precise Location Usage

Additionally, it’s important to check another setting to enhance the accuracy of the location reporting:

Confirm Precise Location Setting

  • Further down on the same page where you set the location permission, look for the "Use precise Location" option.

  • Confirm that the "Use precise Location" toggle is turned ON. This ensures that the app uses the most accurate location data available.

Note: By following these steps, you can significantly improve the accuracy and consistency of location reporting in the Cigo Tracker app, ensuring efficient and effective tracking of your operators. Remember, keeping your app’s settings up to date is key to leveraging its full capabilities.

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