Mobile App FAQ

Resolve Cigo Tracker app issues on Android by disabling battery optimization. Follow our instructions to adjust settings, ensuring uninterrupted performance for seamless operation on Samsung and other devices.

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Troubleshooting Common Cigo Tracker Android IssuesDisable battery optimization for Cigo Tracker in your Android settings to prevent interruptions from aggressive power saving features.
How do I link my Cigo Pay account with the Cigo Tracker app?Open Cigo Tracker, go to the menu, select 'Cigo Pay,' login with your credentials, and link your accounts.
How can I switch between different app environments?To switch app environments: Open menu, select 'Settings,' choose 'Switch Environment,' then pick and confirm with a password.
Toggle Between Address and Coordinate Based NavigationOpen menu, select 'Settings,' go to 'Navigation,' choose 'Navigate to,' and pick your preferred setting for accuracy.
How do I establish a default routing map?Open menu, tap 'Settings,' go to 'Navigation,' select 'Map,' then set your default routing map.
How do I enable or disable voice notifications?Open menu, choose 'Settings,' and toggle 'Voice Notifications' in 'Preferences' to enable or disable.
How can I reset the status of a job that is currently in progress?To reset an in-progress job: Navigate to it, select the backward arrow icon. Note: Admin must enable this feature.
How do I change the language in the Cigo Tracker app?To change the app's language when logged out, select it at the bottom. If logged in, open menu, go to 'Settings,' and select 'Languages.'
Ensure Continuous Android Location in Cigo TrackerGuide to configuring Cigo Tracker on Android for precise, ongoing location tracking, ensuring effective management and operator efficiency.