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How do I configure a Signature Agreement for my jobs?
How do I configure a Signature Agreement for my jobs?

Admin sets up a default Signature Agreement; use web form or API to apply or modify it for jobs. Check API docs for details.

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If you intend on using a signature agreement, we recommend that your account administrator configures a default Signature Agreement. For instructions, read this article.

There are three ways to configure Signature Agreements for jobs in Cigo Tracker.

Using the Import Tool (CSV)

When using the Import Tool, there is no direct way to define a Signature Agreement in your CSV file during the import process. Cigo Tracker will use the default Signature Agreement if one was set up by your administrator.

Creating a Job via the web form

While creating a job via the web form and entering customer information, you will find the "Signature Agreement" text field. By default, this field should appear in your form's "Secondary" section.

FAQ: Signature Agreement

If your administrator has set up a default Signature Agreement, it will automatically be applied to the job, but you can modify it if needed before creating the Job. It can also be edited as long as the status of the Job is still "New".

Creating a Job via API

To configure a Signature Agreement when creating a job via the API, you need to set it up within your integration.

FAQ: Signature Agreement (API)

Detailed information about Signature Agreements can be found in the API documentation under the "Job" section, specifically "Create a New Job" and "Signature Agreement."

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