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How can I create a Signature Agreement in Cigo Tracker?
How can I create a Signature Agreement in Cigo Tracker?

Log in as admin, enable 'Default Signature Agreement' in settings, then add a new agreement under 'Signature Agreements.'

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Sealing the Deal: Crafting a Signature Agreement within Cigo Tracker

To create a Signature Agreement in Cigo Tracker, follow these steps:

  1. Log in as the administrator of your account.

  2. Ensure that the signature agreement setting is enabled:

    1. Go to the Settings page.

    2. Navigate to the Account Configuration section.

      FAQ: Account Configurations
    3. Under General Options, you will find “Default Signature Agreement.”

      FAQ: Account Configurations (Default Signature Agreement)
    4. Enable it, and it will appear on the left taskbar.

  3. On the left taskbar, go to the Signature Agreements page.

  4. Click the “+” (plus) sign at the bottom right to create a new signature agreement.

    FAQ: Signature Agreement (Adding a signature agreement)
  5. Compose the text for the agreement, defining the terms and conditions.

    FAQ: Signature Agreement (Process)
  6. Save the agreement.

These steps will set up the Signature Agreement in your Cigo Tracker account for use in your jobs.

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