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Sep 25 2023 Tracker Feature Tweaks
Sep 25 2023 Tracker Feature Tweaks

September 25th's CIGO Tracker release polishes user experience with minor enhancements and crucial fixes

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Throughout September, we’ve introduced several minor updates and enhancements that we’d like to highlight. While we’re diligently working on more substantial features, we also believe in delivering timely updates to address immediate needs and rectify minor yet significant issues.


September 24th

  • Resolved a problem with the tracker lookup page’s user interface

  • Fixed a bug where adding a new job to an itinerary via the API would reset the route’s handle time

September 17th

  • A new option has been introduced in Company Settings to simplify the process of directing customers to the Google review page from the Web Tracker

September 11th

  • From the Job profile page, new convenient access to reports for all the related on-route stops is now possible without the need for navigation to a separate page

September 8th

  • In the Route Builder:

    • The order of live event notifications has been reversed to ensure the latest event is displayed at the top of the list

    • Resolved a bug impacting the usability of the drag-and-drop feature for changing the position of stops in itineraries with more than 15 stops

  • Resolved a bug with cloning and rescheduling a Job from its Profile page


September 12th (2.28.3)

  • Resolved the issue where the location reporting service was failing to post location records to our internal database

September 8th (2.28.2)

  • Multiple app crashes, which were disrupting user workflows, have been addressed, alongside general improvements aimed at enhancing the overall stability of the application

August 24th (2.28.1)

  • Addressed a minor bug that mistakenly allowed navigation on the map view despite limited navigation being enabled by the administrator

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