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July 10th, 2023 - Release Notes
July 10th, 2023 - Release Notes

Introducing some quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and minor feature enhancements.

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Throughout the month of June until now, we've been dropping small releases including a number of quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes and minor feature enhancements.

In this update, we want to give you a highlight of the changes that were made.


July 9th

  • Added the ability to sort itineraries in the Dashboard based on their creation date, vehicle name, or itinerary label.

July 5th

  • Resolved an issue where adding a stop with one or multiple associated on-route pickups would result in them being placed after the stop when the "optimize on add" feature was disabled for the itinerary.

  • In the Public API, the ping endpoint now includes the company name and, if applicable, the tenant name for the active session in its response.

June 28th

  • Refresh of the user interface of the login page.

June 21st

  • When vehicle location is enabled within the Route Builder, the default visual option to display individual vehicle location is pre-checked automatically in the settings

June 19th

  • The Route Builder displays a warning button in the top-right of an itinerary if constraints cannot be met during individual itinerary optimization.

    • This button provides a list of reasons for the unmet optimization constraints.

June 15th

  • Fix an edge-case scenario that would occur in the Route Builder after processing an auto-dispatch request.

  • Fix a bug in the Route Builder that would cause the End location toggle for "Same as start" to be disabled although the Start Location is the same.

  • Fix a bug in the Route Builder that would request a non-started Itinerary's last known location after the Itinerary had been deleted.

  • Fix a visual bug in the Route Builder with the Auto-Dispatch where hidden zones were still visible on the map.

  • Fix a bug in the Route Builder that allowed marker selection via the lasso tool and adding when no Itinerary was selected.

  • Fix an issue with sorting Pending Jobs when the value is only numeric.

  • In the Route Builder, if the vehicle location feature is enabled on your account, when viewing itineraries of the past, you will see the last-known location of each vehicle that was assigned.

June 14th

  • As a Merchant with API access, you can now remove a stop from an Itinerary.

  • Minor French translation fixes for the Web Tracker.

June 9th

  • Fix an issue with updating a job with disabled contact methods.

June 8th

  • Additional adjustments and translations for the Web Tracker in the Estonian language

  • Adjust logging parameters in our application error monitoring service.

  • Resolved Issues with updating Job's SMS and Email values for scheduled notifications that are either scheduled or already sent.

  • Fix a minor console logging issue introduced by the revised left sidebar.

June 4th

  • Add a disclaimer in the Confirmation module to explain its purpose to end consumers.

  • For users with our Confirmation module enabled, we adjusted the logic of the Import Tool to prevent resetting the confirmation status when updating previously uploaded Jobs.

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