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Accessing Map View for All Pending Cigo Job Details
Accessing Map View for All Pending Cigo Job Details

Navigate to Order Management, select 'To be dated' for pending jobs, use the map view icon, and click markers for job details.

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Visualize and Assess: Exploring Pending Job Details with Map View in Cigo

  1. Access Order Management: Begin by navigating to the Order Management section.

    FAQ: Order Management

  2. Select Pending Jobs: Within the Order Management section, look for the option that allows you to view pending jobs. This page will be called “To be dated.”

    FAQ: Order Management (To be Dated)

  3. Switch to Map View: At the top of the pending jobs page, you will see an icon that lets you switch to a map view. Click on this icon to access the map.

    FAQ : To be Dated (View Map)

    FAQ : To be Dated (Map Overview)

  4. Apply Filters (Optional): You have the option to filter jobs by various criteria, such as branch, type, confirmation status, or time preference. This helps you customize the map view to display specific pending jobs.

    FAQ : To be Dated (Filters)

  5. View Job Details: Click on its map marker for more information about a particular job. This will display details such as the job description, address and much more

    FAQ : To be Dated (Job Details)

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