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Route Builder: Map Navigation

Optimize your journey with Route Builder's map tools - toggle views, use the Lasso Tool, and select viewing modes for seamless planning

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Mastering Efficient Route Planning with Route Builder's Innovative Map Tools


Navigating through the complexities of route planning can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with multiple destinations and the intricate details of an efficient itinerary. Fortunately, the advent of sophisticated route creation software has paved the way for a more streamlined approach.

Among these advancements, the Route Builder stands out as an innovative solution, perfected by its intuitive map tools designed to elevate the user experience. In this invaluable guide, we'll embark on a journey to understand the intricacies of the Route Builder's map tools.

From selecting various map views to employing the time-saving Lasso Tool and delving into the versatile Route Viewing Mode, we will uncover every facet of these features to enhance your route crafting expertise.

Route Builder: Map Section

Crafting Precision Routes with Style

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Map Views

These visually appealing and pragmatic map styles serve not merely as backdrops but as dynamic canvases, empowering users to craft routes with precision and confidence. Whether you seek clarity, simplicity, legibility, or a touch of elegance, the Route Builder's map styles are designed to elevate your planning to its highest potential.

In the Map section of the Route Builder, you have access to different visual map styles that can be easily toggled using the drop-down menu. These visual maps are the following :


Route Builder: Standard Map View

Standard (No labels)

Route Builder: Standard Map View (No Labels)


Route Builder: Greyscale Map View


Route Builder: Classical Map View

Lasso Tool

The Lasso Tool is an invaluable feature that saves a significant amount of time by allowing you to select multiple stops at once. It not only streamlines the selection process but also optimizes the stops to create the most efficient route possible. The Lasso Tool stands out as one of the most essential tools within the Route Builder.

Route Builder : Lasso Tool

Route Builder : Lasso Tool Demonstration


The Sequencer is a groundbreaking tool that revolutionizes itinerary creation. This new feature is not only user-friendly but also significantly time-efficient.

Route Builder: Sequencer

How It Works

  • The process begins with a simple selection of the sequencer icon.

  • Click on the pending jobs displayed on the map. The sequencer then organizes these jobs according to the order of the stops you choose.

  • Click on the Sequencer icon to confirm the sequence, select a vehicle, and then click “OK.”

    Route Builder: Sequencer (Process)

Editing Itineraries Made Easy

  • You can edit the sequence of your itinerary with ease. Just click on the ‘Re-sequence' icon to rearrange the stops as needed, and remember to save your adjustments.

    Route Builder:  Re-sequencer
Route Builder:  Re-sequencer (Process)

Note: For even more efficiency, use the ‘Shift’ key. Hold it down and hover over the stops to select multiple jobs without the need to click on each one individually.

Route Viewing Mode

With the Route Viewing Mode, you have the convenience of swiftly switching between three different views. which are :

Road (Shows you the actual Routes that will be used in the itinerary created)

Route Builder: Route Viewing Mode (Route)

Flight (Shows a flight mode view of the itinerary)

Route Builder: Route Viewing Mode (Flight)

Markers (Shows you the start, stop and end location of each route)

Route Builder: Route Viewing Mode (Markers)

Note: By utilizing the various map features available within the Route Builder, you can create a route that perfectly caters to your own requirements as well as those of your clients. Whether you are constructing a new route from scratch or modifying an existing one, the Map tools will assist you in navigating the process swiftly and accurately.


In the landscape of logistical planning, the act of creating an efficient route is tantamount to crafting a masterpiece. Each decision is an intentional brushstroke on the canvas of travel. Coupled with the Route Builder's sophisticated map tools, the process is transformed into an engaging and precise art form.

By leveraging the diversity of map views, harnessing the power of the Lasso Tool, and capitalizing on the differentiating Route Viewing Modes, users gain an unprecedented level of control and adaptability in their route planning endeavours.

Whether your journeys are carved across winding roads or mapped out through the skies, the knowledge and application of these tools are not just enhancements; they are essential elements in orchestrating the symphony of seamless navigation. Let this detailed exploration serve as your compass in the world of route optimization, guiding you toward the ultimate destination of mastery in efficient route planning.

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