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How do I find customer job details in the Dashboard?
How do I find customer job details in the Dashboard?

To find job details in the Dashboard: Go to Dashboard, locate and select the customer, click their icon, and view their job page.

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Efficiently Accessing Customer Job Details in the Cigo Tracker Dashboard

  1. Go to the Dashboard page: Log in to your account and access the platform’s main dashboard page.

    FAQ: Dashboard
  2. Locate the customer you wish to view job details: Within the dashboard, search for or select the customer whose job details you want to view.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Locate Customer)
  3. Access the customer’s job page: Once you’ve identified the customer, click the customer icon. This action will forward you to the dedicated job page for that specific customer.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Access Customer)
  4. You’ll be redirected to the customer’s dedicated page: After clicking on the customer’s name, you’ll be automatically taken to the customer’s dedicated page, where you can access their job details and related information.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Job Profile Page)

Following these updated steps, you can easily locate and access customer job details in the platform’s dashboard.

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