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Streamline task management with Cigo Tracker's "To Be Dated" page, enhanced by smart filters, sorting, and visual map insights.

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Optimize Operations with Cigo Tracker’s “To Be Dated” Feature

In the intricate dance of task management and operational efficiency, staying one step ahead can be the difference between success and chaos. With the onslaught of jobs demanding attention but not yet tethered to calendar dates, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Enter the “To Be Dated” page of Cigo Tracker, a dedicated hub for all assignments on standby, poised for scheduling. This powerful feature offers users an arsenal of tools designed to turn a tangled web of tasks into a neatly ordered queue, waiting to spring into action at the right moment.

To be Dated: Overview

Functionalities for Enhanced Task Management

Cigo Tracker’s “To Be Dated” page simplifies task management with user-friendly functionalities, offering quick job searches, strategic filters, intuitive sorting, and a visual map view for efficient scheduling and organization.

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Search Bar

The search bar enables users to quickly find specific jobs within the “To Be Dated" page. Users can enter keywords, job names, customer references, or any other relevant information to retrieve the desired job entries.

To be Dated: Search Bar


Filters allow users to refine their search results based on specific criteria. Users can filter jobs by various attributes, such as job type, priority, location, or customer name. This capability streamlines the process of finding jobs that meet specific criteria.

To be Dated: Filters


Users can sort the job entries on the “To Be Dated” page based on their preferences. The ability to sort jobs by date, priority, or any other relevant parameter allows users to organize tasks according to their workflow.

To be Dated: Sorting

Map View

In addition to the powerful features mentioned earlier, Cigo Tracker also offers users the convenience of a map view to visualize all jobs that are yet to be dated. This map display provides users with a geographical representation of pending jobs, allowing for a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of their distribution and location.

To be Dated: Map View

The map view feature provides the following benefits:

Spatial Awareness: Users can easily grasp the spatial distribution of pending jobs on the map. This visual representation helps users identify clusters of pending jobs in specific areas, making it easier to plan efficient routes and resource allocation.

Location-Based Prioritization: With the map view, users can prioritize pending jobs based on their proximity to one another or to designated service areas. This helps optimize travel times and reduces transportation costs, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Interactive Job Details: Clicking on individual job markers on the map reveals essential details about each specific job, such as job type, customer information, and any relevant notes. This interactivity enables users to access pertinent information directly from the map view.

To be Dated: Map View (Demonstration)

Filtering on the Map: Users can apply filters directly on the map view to display only the pending jobs that meet specific criteria. For example, users can filter jobs by job type, priority, or customer name to tailor the map view to their specific needs.

To be Dated: Map View (Filtering on the Map)

Note: By integrating the map view into the “To Be Dated” page, Cigo Tracker enhances the user experience and empowers users with an additional layer of visual information. This intuitive and interactive feature aids in effective decision-making, resource planning, and optimizing the workflow for handling pending jobs efficiently.

Additional Functionalities for Task Mastery

Cigo Tracker’s additional features on the “To Be Dated” page, including job selection, scheduling, and deletion tools, enable users to masterfully manage, assign, and clean up their task lists with ease.

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Job Selection

Users can select one or multiple jobs from the “To Be Dated” page. This feature allows users to batch-process tasks, making it easier to schedule or perform other actions on multiple jobs simultaneously.

To be Dated: Job Selection


Once selected, users have the ability to schedule the chosen jobs. The scheduling process involves assigning specific dates for job execution, which streamlines planning and ensures better resource allocation.

To be Dated: Scheduling


Users can also delete unwanted or irrelevant job entries from the “To Be Dated” page. This feature helps in keeping the task list clean and organized, removing any unnecessary clutter.

To be Dated: Deletion

Note: By providing these comprehensive tools and functionalities, Cigo Tracker ensures that users can efficiently manage their pending jobs and seamlessly transition them to the scheduled or concluded stages. This user-friendly approach optimizes task management, aids in prioritization, and enhances overall productivity within the workflow.

In conclusion

The “To Be Dated” page of Cigo Tracker is not merely a feature; it is a lighthouse guiding users through the fog of potential disarray, clarity emerging with each click, filter, and map zoom.

By embracing this multifaceted tool, users don’t just manage their tasks; they command them, scheduling with finesse, deleting with confidence, and ultimately elevating their productivity to new heights. It is in this space where time is harnessed, and tomorrow’s duties are shaped today, making Cigo Tracker not just a solution, but a beacon for those who seek excellence in task management.

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