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August 30th, 2023 - Release Notes
August 30th, 2023 - Release Notes

Enhancing user experience, addressing concerns, and introducing small feature improvements.

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As we wrap up August, we're thrilled to share a roundup of the latest tweaks, updates, and enhancements we've made to the web platform. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in September!


August 29th

  • In the Public API, we enhanced the Job update endpoint. Now, integrators can make changes to a Job's data more freely, without the need to unassign it from an itinerary first. This offers greater flexibility and efficiency.

August 28th

  • Resolved an issue where updating a Job's type via the Public API would change its confirmation status and vice versa.

August 23rd

  • In the Public API, we enhanced the Job retrieve endpoint to include base data about related On-Route Stops, which includes their corresponding API ID, type, status, etc.

  • Resolved an issue with incomplete PDF exports from the Planner caused by character encoding issues.

August 21st

  • Resolved an issue where dynamic text in SMS messages sent to consumers would sometimes get truncated when the business name exceeded a certain number of characters.

  • Improved translations on the Web Tracker for the Baltics regional languages.

August 15th

  • Resolved a problem with the Dashboard's mini view that was causing certain itineraries to either not load or appear duplicated.

  • The Job's ETA has been added to the Routing Information of the Job profile, along with a new section for related On-Route Stops on the same page.

August 8th

  • Fixed an issue with the sorting options in Concluded Jobs that made it nearly impossible to find jobs with a non-completed status without specifying them in the filters.

  • Resolved a problem on the webhooks management page where certain webhooks, numbering over 20, could not be edited from this location.

  • Enforced accurate time zone calculations for geocoding tasks. Jobs are now reliably tied to the correct time zone, enhancing ETA and Time Window accuracy based on geographic location.

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