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July 27th, 2023 - Release Notes
July 27th, 2023 - Release Notes

Improving user experience, resolving issues, and introducing minor feature enhancements.

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As we reach the end of July, we wanted to inform you that we have worked diligently to implement several improvements aimed at enhancing user experience, addressing issues, and introducing minor feature enhancements.

Our team's focus has been on enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring that our product meets the highest performance and usability standards.

In this update, we want to give you a highlight of the changes that were made.


July 25th

  • Fixed an issue that caused routes created via the API to have no visible polyline if no color was specified during the API call

  • Fixed an issue with the Concluded Jobs report when selecting export with actions to include Jobs that did not have any actions

  • Enhanced the Confirmation module to include the apartment number

  • Add a new toggle for a future release of the mobile app to limit navigation to the next job in line only

  • Fixed an issue with Itinerary sorting on the Dashboard page for Supervisor user roles

Android 2.27.0

July 26th

  • Implemented update to display correct currency for balance owed based on client setup

  • Adjusted balance owed calculation to display integer values when decimal format is ".00"

  • Resolved various issues related to Payment Collection on the Payment Collection Page

  • Resolved Firebase issue causing app crashes upon launch

  • Fixed issue preventing manual submission of action status on the Actions Screen

  • Prevented image modification from deleting the text in the incomplete report body

  • Implemented Notification Categories & Channels for enhanced notification management

  • Fixed an issue with the Actions menu button would redirect the user to the wrong page.

  • Fixed an issue in the Cigo Pay account linking where account avatar was not displayed correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where pick-up, exchange and return actions could be edited or removed when the app should not allow it.

  • Fixed issue where the app was deleting the first notification instead of the correct notification when logging out, ensuring accurate termination session notifications

IOS 2.27.0

July 26th

  • Fixed an issue that goes the Cigo Pay splash screen to close and re-open when choosing the "Skip" option

  • Added missing translations for French, Spanish and Arabic

  • Fixed an issue causing app crashes when clicking on the PDF button within Payment Reports

  • Fixed an issue with the side menu navigation

  • Adjust the general app report to match the behavior of the Android application.

  • Fixed an issue for pickup, return and exchange Job Actions that disables edit and delete buttons once the Job has been started

  • Fixed a visual issue with the side menu panel and the bottom app menu

  • Enhanced the Payment Report page to clarify balance owed and amount collected values

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