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How do I create a new zone using Zone Management?
How do I create a new zone using Zone Management?

Create zones in Zone Management by defining boundaries, naming the zone, customizing settings, and saving for auto-dispatch use.

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Defining Delivery Areas: A Guide to Creating New Zones in Cigo Tracker

  1. Navigate to Zone Management: Locate and click on the Zone Management section within the Route Builder. This is where you can create, manage, and organize different zones.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Zone Management)

  2. Initiate Zone Template Creation: Select “+New Zone Template “in the Zone Management section to start the process.

    FAQ: Route Builder (+ New Zone Template)

  3. Initiate Zone Creation: Opt for the central icon at the top and select "+ New Zone."

    FAQ: Route Builder (+ New Zone)

  4. Define Zone Boundaries: A new interface will open, allowing you to define the boundaries of the new zone. You will be doing this by interacting with a map interface. Click on the map to mark the corners or edges of the zone.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Zone Boundaries)

  5. Name the Zone: Define the new zone after defining the boundaries. This could be a descriptive name that helps you easily identify and categorize the zone.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Zone Name)

  6. Configuring the advanced zone settings: You will have the option to enable some advanced settings for this zone, providing you with more control and customization.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Zone Settings)

  7. Save the New Zone: After making the necessary settings changes, select the “Save” button.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Save Zone)

  8. Auto-Dispatch: After saving, the new zone will be added to your list of Auto-dispatch zones. You can now use it.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Auto-Dispatch)

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