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How do I initiate the Auto-Dispatch feature?
How do I initiate the Auto-Dispatch feature?

Navigate to Auto-Dispatch, select a zone, and click the 'Auto-Dispatch' button; wait for confirmation.

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Activating Efficiency: Launching Auto-Dispatch in Cigo Tracker for Streamlined Operations

  1. Auto-Dispatch: Navigate to the Auto-Dispatch section located under the calendar.

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  2. Zone Selection: Choose the specific zone you want to work with and preview.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Auto-Dispatch Zone Template Selection)

  3. Initiating the Process: Confirm all the necessary information and click the “Auto-Dispatch” button at the bottom right corner.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Auto-Dispatch Initiation)

  4. Process Completion: After selecting the Auto-dispatch, you will receive an event notification indicating the process is in progress. After that, you will receive another notification letting you know that you successfully completed the Auto-dispatch process.

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  5. View Itineraries: You can now access and review the generated itineraries. If you need it, you can make any changes that are needed.

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