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Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch

Description: Elevate your logistics with Auto-Dispatch: Streamline route planning and maximize delivery efficiency effortlessly.

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Efficiency Unleashed: Zone Management with Auto-Dispatch

In the fast-paced world of logistics and service delivery, the key to staying ahead lies in the efficient management of resources and time. Auto-Dispatch emerges as a cutting-edge solution, seamlessly integrating into your operational toolkit to revolutionize the way you assign and plan routes.

Beyond a mere technological advance, Auto-Dispatch is a strategic ally, helping you ingeniously organize deliveries and appointments into meticulously defined zones, ensuring that every job is methodically accounted for and optimally dispatched.

This guide will walk you through the intricate workings of Auto-Dispatch and Zone Management, showcasing the simplicity behind its complex potential to elevate your business to new heights of productivity.

Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch

Zone Management

Zone Management is a key function within Auto-Dispatch. It provides a comprehensive view of all the areas you service and allows you to set boundaries or geographic areas specific to your business needs. These zones can be set according to location, proximity, consideration or restrictions. Organizing your jobs by zone ensures no job is overlooked and all routes are optimized for maximum efficiency.

How it works

Auto-Dispatch works by allowing you to assign or create routes in specific zones and then optimize those routes all within one page. Zones provide an easy way to organize jobs and increase efficiency, enabling you to maintain optimal performance over time.

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Creating a Zone Template

The initial step involves establishing a Zone Template within the dedicated “Zone Management” segment to make the most of this tool. To accomplish this, you should proceed with the subsequent instructions:

1. Within the Route Builder, access the Zone Management section.

2. Click on the "+ New Zone Template" option.

Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (+New Zone Template)

Note: When creating a new zone template, you must name it. Otherwise, you will not be able to create the zone template.

Route Builder: Auto Dispatch (Zone Template Name)

Creating a Zone

After successfully creating a Zone Template, you’ll gain the capability to craft individual zones under the umbrella of the template.

  1. Opt for the central icon located at the top.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Zone)

  2. Select the “New Zone” option by clicking on it.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (+ New Zone)

  3. Crop out the specific zone you want to use, give it a name, and set the required criteria.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Creating the Zone)

By following these steps, you will be able to create and utilize a new zone template in the Route Builder.

You have the option to add multiple zones inside one template. This feature allows you to efficiently organize and manage various zones according to your needs and requirements.


You have the ability to modify an already existing zone that has been set up. To make these modifications, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Zone Management section in the Route Builder.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Zone Management)

  2. Locate the existing zone template that you want to modify.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Editing a Zone Template)

  3. Choose the option to edit or modify the zone.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch ( Process of Editing a Zone Template)

  4. Click on the zone to select it.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch ( Process of Editing a Zone Template)

  5. Make the necessary changes, such as adjusting the boundaries or updating the criteria.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch ( Process of Editing a Zone Template)

  6. Save the changes to update the existing zone with the modifications you made.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Saving Modification of the Zone Template)

Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Full Editing Process)

By following these steps, you can easily and effectively make changes to your existing zones to better suit your needs and optimize your route planning.

Snapping Feature

The snapping feature is handy when creating or editing a zone to ensure no sectors are left behind. It automatically snaps the zone to the adjacent one, making sure no gaps are created and no sector is left out.

Route Builder: Snapping Feature

Using Auto-Dispatch

Using Auto-Dispatch is simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Access the Auto-Dispatch feature in your Route Builder.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch Process

  2. Select the Zone Template you want to use and click “Preview” to see a preview of the Auto-Dispatch template.

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Zone Selection)

  3. After previewing the Auto-Dispatch template, click on “Auto-Dispatch.”

    Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Initiating Auto Dispatch)

Route Builder: Auto-Dispatch (Full Process)

The system will automatically organize and optimize the routes based on your preferences and criteria.

A notification icon indicates that the system is processing the request. Once completed, you will receive a second notification showing “Done.”

By following these steps, you can streamline the process of assigning and creating routes for deliveries or service appointments, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring no job gets left behind.

Note: Auto-Dispatch with Zone Management offers an intuitive and efficient way to manage local and long-distance deliveries or service appointments. By utilizing this feature, businesses can curtail unnecessary expenses due to route optimization and ensure that every job is handled in a timely manner. Auto-Dispatch also saves time and money, allowing companies to streamline operations and maximize resources.

In conclusion

Auto-Dispatch stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding businesses toward operational superiority through proficient zone management and route optimization. By unlocking the full capabilities of this feature, you have effectively set a new standard in servicing your clients with enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Through creating and customizing zones, adapting existing templates, and utilizing the convenience of the snapping feature, you empower your business to handle logistics challenges with confidence and agility. Auto-Dispatch is not just a tool it is your strategic partner in forging a path to a future where time is optimized, and every delivery is a testament to your commitment to excellence.

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