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November 21st, 2022 - Release Notes
November 21st, 2022 - Release Notes

Cigo updates: enhanced profiles, notifications, maps, route editing, API, operator features, navigation, ETA display and mobile performance.

Updated over a week ago

We’ve added several small features to Cigo that you can take advantage of.


  • Maximum work time: Ability to define a maximum work time on the vehicle profile level. This parameter can be set up for each vehicle profile and utilized when auto-splitting.

  • E-mail notifications: Ability to assign internal emails to get notified when a route starts earlier or later than expected. To access that feature, Left menu panel > Settings > Company > Mailing lists.

  • New Templates: You can now select your preferred map template throughout the platform.

  • Bulk Edit Handle time:

    • You can now bulk edit the “handle time” of all jobs included in an itinerary from the route builder page.

    • From the route-builder, you can now bulk edit the “handle-time” of one or several pending jobs using the lasso tool: Click here to watch how it works.

  • End Location: Ability to modify the “end location” on a started route from the route builder page.

  • Route Builder: Right-clicking on a routed pin will focus on the selected route.

  • Customer & Jobs: Ability to set default time windows for your visits on the customers’ profiles (Applies to companies that use manual entry)

  • Concluded jobs: Ability to export your job selection to a CSV file from the concluded jobs page.

  • Several performance improvements.

API & Webhooks

  • We’ve added a new webhook for customer reviews.

  • We’ve added ‘job_type’ and ‘creation_source’ as filters to the “Search for Job API IDs” endpoint.

  • We have clarified our API documents for the webhooks.


  • For Android & iOS, your operators can now add, remove or edit actions for a job within the app if activated in the company settings.

  • For Android & iOS, you can now disable the incomplete and damaged buttons for your Operators.

  • For Android & iOS, the TruckMap application can now become the default navigation app for companies that require truck routing. Your operators can set it as a default by clicking on the Left menu panel > Settings > Preferred navigation app > Truck Map.

  • For Android & iOS, ETA’s can now be displayed per job on the smartphone app. This feature must be activated from the Web admin account. Left menu panel > Settings > Company > Operator app options > Display ETA.

  • Several performance improvements.

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