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March 20th, 2023 - Release Notes
March 20th, 2023 - Release Notes

Web: Faster routes, WhatsApp notifications, zone improvements, optimized API, address indicators, and corrections.

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Web Update: Speedier Routing, WhatsApp Alerts, Zone Boosts, Optimized API & Address Clarity



  • Route builder performance enhancements : Great news! We are thrilled to inform you about a considerable performance increase when utilizing the route builder. The faster response times will enable you to build, optimize, edit and dispatch routes quickly and with the same level of confidence you are accustomed to!

    • Example: Saving a route of 100 stops which could previously take between 3 to 5 min (depending on the complexity) can now be completed in under 10 seconds!

  • WhatsApp notification alternative: We are excited to announce that your clients can now receive notifications via WhatsApp. This will allow you to send notifications in real-time and keep your clients informed and updated.

  • Zoning Auto-dispatch :

    • Ability to clone a zone template: All zones, configuration and parameters will be copied over the newly cloned template.

    • Minor enhancements to the overall usability and performance.

Release Notes: Editing Zones


  • API:

    • Ability to retrieve an operators phone number via API: Operators phone number are now included in the API GET Response.

    • Ability to retrieve the estimated travel distance between each individual stop via Public API: In the GET Itinerary response, under itinerary.stops, for each stop, there is now a route_metrics value with est_road_time (in minutes) and est_distance (in meters).

  • Address type indicators: These indicators are now visible from the pending job section on the route builder allowing dispatchers to take educated decisions without going to the job profile page.

    • Valid address

    • Partial address

    • Multiple addresses

Release Notes: Pending Jobs
  • Webhooks:

    • Administrators can now limit webhook event registration to a specific Location, ensuring that webhooks are triggered only when a Job associated with that Location's Branch is affected.

    • Include the Branch and Distribution center API IDs in the response of webhook triggers.


  • Route Builder:

    • "Flickering" issue affecting some users.

    • Adding stops from map via right click will point towards the last stop of the selected route by default.

  • Safari browser issues: Several issues affecting the Safari browser following a recent browser update.

  • TBD Page:

    • Last job on the page would sometimes not be visible.

    • Increased scroll bar size to enhance usability.

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