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Cigo Tracker Unveils New Geofencing Feature Update
Cigo Tracker Unveils New Geofencing Feature Update

Introduction of our Geofencing Module!

Updated over a week ago
Release Notes: Announcement

Hey there, Cigo Tracker community!

We're thrilled to bring you some fantastic news. Our latest update has arrived, and it's a game changer – say hello to our all-new Geofencing Module!

Release Notes: Geofence

What's This About? Imagine having a magical eye that keeps track of your Operators the moment they step into a job site. Well, that's exactly what our Geofencing Module does! It's like having a superpower for operational efficiency, making sure you're always in the know.

Cool Features You'll Love:

  • Seamless Tracking: Watch over your Operators like never before as they journey through their delivery tasks.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Get real-time updates when your team enters a job site. Precision and timing? We've got it covered.

  • Boosted Efficiency: Keep an eye on time spent at each job site. Because every minute counts!

Release Notes: Geofence Data

Ready to Jump In? Getting started is a breeze! If you're keen to explore the Geofencing Module, just chat with your dedicated account manager. They're ready to fill you in on all the details and guide you through a smooth integration process.

Works Like a Charm on Mobile: Good news for Android and iOS users! The Geofencing Module is available with our latest app update (version 2.29.0 and above). Once your account manager sets you up, just update your Cigo Tracker app, and you're all set to explore this fantastic feature.

We believe the Geofencing Module is a game-changer and can't wait for you to experience its benefits. Get ready to take your Cigo Tracker experience to new heights! 🚀

The Cigo Team

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