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January 6th, 2018 - Release notes
January 6th, 2018 - Release notes

In this update, we re-designed the Route Editor and Cigo's front page.

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In this update, we re-designed the Route Editor and Cigo's front page, auto-scroll down to deliveries still marked as "In Progress", and more.

Revolutionizing Delivery Management: Exciting New Updates to Cigo Tracker's Platform

We are thrilled to announce the latest evolution of the Cigo Tracker platform, bolstering our commitment to providing the most intuitive and efficient delivery management experience available. Our dedicated team has been hard at work reimagining key components of our service to ensure that our users enjoy a seamless, productive, and enjoyable workflow. Get ready to discover the all-new Route Editor, the elegantly redesigned Cigo Tracker homepage, and functionality enhancements that will streamline your day-to-day operations.

A Fresh Look for Cigo's Homepage

First impressions matter, and our homepage is no exception. We’ve elevated Cigo's digital front door with a transformative redesign that not only captivates visitors but skillfully guides you to the information and tools you need with ease. The modern, clean aesthetics coupled with intuitive navigation ensure every interaction is straightforward and pleasant, whether you're a new visitor learning about our offerings or a seasoned user checking in on your delivery operations.

Introducing the Redesigned Route Editor

Building on the success of our recently revamped Route Builder, we've extended this fresh, cohesive look to our Route Editor. The redesign enhances functionality and user experience, allowing for more intuitive route adjustments and simplified management of your deliveries. With additional visual cues, drag-and-drop capabilities, and a responsive interface, the new Route Editor is engineered to help you optimize routes quickly and with greater precision.

Next-Level Scheduling: Auto-Scroll to “In Progress” Deliveries

Productivity is key, and staying on top of your active deliveries has never been easier. With our latest update, the Schedule page now automatically scrolls to any deliveries still marked as "In Progress." This subtle yet powerful feature keeps your most urgent tasks in immediate view, reducing the need to search through completed items and focusing your attention where it's most needed.

Language Accessibility: Updated French Translations

Understanding the diverse needs of our global user base, we are committed to continuous improvement in language support. Therefore, we've added a few missing French translations to provide a more inclusive and accessible platform for our French-speaking users. This enhancement ensures that navigating our platform is a smooth, user-friendly experience for everyone, regardless of their preferred language.

With these innovative improvements to Cigo Tracker, you're empowered to manage deliveries with unparalleled efficiency and ease. We invite you to explore the new features and experience the difference they make to your delivery management operations.

Your feedback is invaluable, so please let us know how these updates improve your experience with Cigo Tracker.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our platform and services in response to your valued insights and the ever-changing landscape of delivery management.

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