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Oct 24 2023 Android Update Released
Oct 24 2023 Android Update Released

The CIGO Tracker Android v2.28.4 update, released on October 24th, brings fresh features to your tracking app

Updated over a week ago

We are committed to delivering an exceptional user experience, and in the month of October, we have been hard at work to make significant improvements to our Android app. The latest update is now available on the Google Play Store.

In this release, we are happy to bring you several bug fixes and enhancements to ensure the app runs smoothly and reliably.

Here are the details:

Android v2.28.4

October 24th

  • We've fixed a range of app crashes and errors that, at times, affected background services and caused the app to become unresponsive in certain situations.

    • It's worth noting that while most of these issues may not have directly affected users, they did impact offline-to-online queue processing and other background services.

  • In addition to these fixes, we've also worked on enhancing the overall stability and performance of the app across different Android versions that our operators use.

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