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Nov 6 2023 Cigo Tracker Enhancements
Nov 6 2023 Cigo Tracker Enhancements

Explore improved navigation and user experience with the November 6th Cigo Tracker update, plus key bug resolutions

Updated over a week ago

As we work to improve our platform, we’re excited to introduce our latest update. It includes new features and critical bug fixes designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow.

New features:

  • Enhanced user experience with a new three-dot menu on each stop tile, making it easier to manage stops to change their position or move them to another itinerary

    Release Notes: Three-dot menu
  • Control the visibility of itinerary-related markers on the map by their completion status

    Release Notes: Itinerary Visibility

  • From the map, click on a vehicle in its itinerary and copy its location directly to your clipboard.

    Release Notes:  Copy Location to clipboard

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the color picker tool for selecting itinerary colors

  • Fixed a bug where unset handle times were not being displayed correctly

  • Fixed a problem where the pop-up window for a pending job would become stuck on the map under specific conditions

  • Fixed an issue with the drag-and-drop functionality of stops within larger itineraries

  • Fixed an issue where the completed list of an itinerary failed to auto-scroll to the bottom when stop statuses were updated

  • Fixed a bug with the lasso tool where Job markers within a selected area were not all selected

  • Fixed a bug where, after applying a filter to the map and selecting jobs using the lasso tool, some jobs were not properly marked with the correct color, and their information was missing

  • Fixed the map selection issue for users who have access to MapTiler map themes

  • Fixed a Route Builder bug where state changes from the Operator app could break edited itineraries

  • Fixed an issue in the Route Builder where moving a job between itineraries and changing its state would create duplicate entries

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