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December 11th, 2023 - Release Notes
December 11th, 2023 - Release Notes

Enhanced vehicle coverage & Lasso tool for superior route planning - experience the pinnacle of logistics efficiency in our latest update!

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Enhanced Vehicle Coverage Data & Optimized Lasso Tool for Superior Route Planning

We’re excited to announce our latest update, which brings even more robust features to your logistics planning toolkit. Experience the ultimate in efficiency with our latest enhancements to vehicle coverage data and an improved lasso tool for route management.

Route Builder Enhancements: Elevate Your Fleet Efficiency and Planning Precision

Comprehensive Statistical Insights

When assigning one or more vehicles, our system now furnishes statistical coverage data based on the selected jobs. This ensures that you’ve chosen an adequate number of vehicles for the jobs at hand.

Universal Application

Enjoy this feature across all scenarios, whether you’re selecting a vehicle for a single itinerary, utilizing auto-split, or engaging in the more detailed auto-dispatch process.

Introducing a revamped Lasso tool experience

Pending Jobs Lasso Tool

Release Notes: Pending Jobs Lasso Tool
  • Create a new itinerary directly from a selection of pending jobs

  • Add a chosen set of pending jobs to either the selected itinerary or a preferred itinerary

  • Auto-split a selection of pending jobs for enhanced flexibility

Routed Jobs Lasso Tool

Release Notes: Routed Jobs Lasso Tool
  • Create a new itinerary using selected routed stops from one or multiple itineraries

  • Remove selected routed stops from one or more itineraries

  • Reassign selected routed stops to any desired itinerary

  • Bulk modification of handle time for routed stops

  • Reverse the order of markers for a subset of routed stops within the same itinerary

Enhanced Lasso Tool User Interaction

  • To enhance intuitiveness, the quick menu now opens on a left-click within a lasso selection, while right-clicking clears the lasso selection.

  • Clear the lasso selection conveniently through the quick option menu in both Routed Stops and Pending Jobs lasso selections

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue within the Route Builder that was causing unnecessary calls to the vehicle's last location for non-saved and deleted itineraries. Enjoy a smoother experience with this bug fix.

  • Resolved an issue in the Route Builder with the auto-split while processing the creation of new jobs in real-time

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