How do i use the Lasso Tool?

Utilize the Lasso Tool in Route Builder to select multiple stops by drawing around them, then assign to a route.

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Mastering Selection: Harnessing the Power of the Lasso Tool in Route Builder

  1. Access the Route Builder: Open the Route Builder, your hub for managing routes and stops.

    FAQ: Route Builder

  2. Zoom In on the Map: Navigate to the map view displaying your stops. Use zoom controls for a clear view of the stops you want to select.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Map Section)

  3. Activate the Lasso Tool: Locate and select the Lasso Tool icon. Your cursor will changes to a crosshair.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Lasso Tool Icon)

  4. Draw Around Stops: Click and hold to draw a freehand shape around desired stops.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Lasso Tool Process)

  5. Release to Select: Release to select stops within the drawn area automatically.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Lasso Tool Display)

  6. Choose Your Route: After selecting and highlighting your desired stops, choose a route.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Lasso Tool Itinerary Selection)

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