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How can I change the route visualization in Route Builder?
How can I change the route visualization in Route Builder?

In Route Builder, click view modes in Map, select visualization option, and apply changes.

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Route Visualization Mastery: Tailor Your Map View in Cigo Tracker Route Builder

  1. Access the Route Builder: Begin by accessing the Route Builder page.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Accessing Route Builder)

  2. Access View Modes: In the bottom right corner of the Map section, there’s an icon representing various available view modes.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Accessing View Modes)

  3. Visualization Options: You’ll encounter the following visualization choices:

    • Standard

      FAQ: Route Builder (Standard)

    • Standard (no labels)

      FAQ: Route Builder (Standard (No Labels))

    • Greyscale

      FAQ: Route Builder (Greyscale)

    • Classical

      FAQ: Route Builder (Classical)

  4. Select Preferred Option: Choose your preferred visualization by clicking on the option.

    FAQ: Route Builder (View Modes Selection)

  5. Apply Changes: Once selected, the map view will instantly transform to match your choice. Feel free to navigate and interact with the map. You can switch between these options using the same icon at the bottom right of the Map section.

    FAQ: Route Builder (Apply Changes)

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