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How can I access the statistic tab in the Dashboard?
How can I access the statistic tab in the Dashboard?

guides on accessing Statistics tab in Cigo Dashboard for job metrics and visual data analysis.

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Navigating to the Statistics Tab: Unlocking Job Insights on Cigo Tracker Dashboard

To access the Statistics tab in the Dashboard, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Dashboard.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Navigate to the Dashboard)
  2. Look for the Statistics tab icon near the refresh page icon.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Selecting the Statisque Tab)
  3. Click on the Statistics tab icon, and a pop-up window displays various job-related metrics.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Statisque Tab)

This will allow you to view and analyze job-related statistics conveniently.

Each of these statistics is calculated as a percentage (%) and as a numerical count, and we also provide a representation through a pie chart to visualize the data. Additionally, the total percentage and count are included for comprehensive insights.

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