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How can I change the view modes in the Dashboard?
How can I change the view modes in the Dashboard?

Learn with Ahmad to switch view modes in Cigo Tracker Dashboard: Full, Condensed, and Mini for tailored analysis. Updated 2 months ago.

Updated over a week ago

Customizing Your Perspective: Switching View Modes on Cigo Tracker Dashboard

  1. Go to the Dashboard: Start by accessing the dashboard from your account.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Navigate to the Dashboard)
  2. Locate the View Mode Icons: In the top right corner of the dashboard, you’ll find three different view mode icons.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Locate View Modes)
  3. Select a View Mode Icon: Click on one of the icons to change the view mode:

    • Full View Mode for detailed analysis.

      FAQ: Dashboard (Full View Mode)
    • Condensed View Mode for quick scanning.

      FAQ: Dashboard (Condensed View Mode)
    • Mini View Mode for a compact overview.

      FAQ: Dashboard (Mini View Mode)

By following these steps, you can easily switch between different view modes on the dashboard to suit your preferred level of detail and analysis.

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