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How can I access the Route Plan from the Dashboard?
How can I access the Route Plan from the Dashboard?

Efficiently access route plans on Cigo Tracker Dashboard with Ahmad's guide. Navigate, find itineraries, and manage routes easily

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Direct Access to Route Planning: Managing Your Itineraries via Cigo Tracker Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard: Start by going to the dashboard, which serves as the central hub for an overview of your tasks and routes.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Navigate to the Dashboard)
  2. Find the Itinerary Desired: Within the dashboard, locate the specific itinerary you’re interested in.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Locate the Itinerary)
  3. Locate and Select the Truck Icon: After finding the itinerary, look for the truck icon associated with it, and click on this icon.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Locate the Truck Icon)
  4. View the Route Plan: You will access the route plan details on your screen by clicking the truck icon. This information offers insights into the planned route, stops, and other relevant details.

    FAQ: Dashboard (Route Plan)

Following these steps, you can effortlessly access and review the route plan for your chosen route directly from the dashboard. This feature streamlines task and route management for enhanced efficiency.

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