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May 31st, 2023 - Release Notes
May 31st, 2023 - Release Notes

Android and iOS version 2.26.2: Bug fixes, UI enhancements, and improved features for reporting, job management, and user interface.

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Update 2.26.2: Enhanced Reporting, Job Management & UI for Android and iOS


Android (version 2.26.2)


  • Fix an issue with "Report" page title

  • Improve user experience in damage reporting prompt

  • Fix an issue with jobs that have a balance owed

  • Improve user interface for listing invoice numbers

  • Improve in-app notification redirection

  • Resolved an issue causing app crashes when attempting to generate PDFs from Payment Reports

  • Fix an issue with the in-app chat where origin of messages was displayed incorrectly

  • Prevent actions to be managed from within the app when a job has already been fulfilled

  • Fix an application crash that occurred during the offline-to-online queue processing

  • Fix a bug with the scan to pick functionality

  • Fix an app crash when interacting with the balance owed functionality after a job has been marked as "On Route"

  • Fix scaling issue on the login screen on smaller devices

  • Resolve a bug in the log-out mechanism to properly terminate an active session

iOS (version 2.26.2)


  • Display correct currency for balance owed based on client setup


  • Fix an issue with displaying the profile picture when linking Cigo Pay accounts

  • Fix an issue that caused "On Route" button to not be displayed when incident reporting is disabled

  • When attempting to submit an Incomplete report, prompt the user to attach at least one picture (when required) prior to submitting

  • Fix scaling issue on the login screen on smaller devices

  • Improve internal logging system for troubleshooting

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