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FAQ: Managing Merchant Accounts and API Access
FAQ: Managing Merchant Accounts and API Access

Learn to integrate API access for merchants, enhancing platform efficiency. Grant API access, manage accounts, and optimize functionality.

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Enabling API Access for Merchants

Integrating API access for merchants is a pivotal aspect of streamlining your platform's functionalities. By enabling API access for Merchant Level 2 users, you open avenues for seamless interaction with your system's resources.

This introductory guide provides essential insights into the process, empowering you to facilitate smooth integration and optimize operational efficiency for your merchants.

Common Questions

How do I grant API access to my Merchant users?

API access can be granted only to Merchant Level 2 users. When creating or updating a Merchant user, select the role as Merchant Level 2, and the "API Access" toggle will appear. Ensure it's enabled to allow the Merchant to access the API.

Where can I view the API Account IDs of enabled Merchants?

Once API access is enabled for a merchant, you can view their API Account ID at API Settings, accessible through Integrations > API. You can also deactivate their API access from here or from the Merchants management page.

What capabilities do Merchants have with the API?

Merchants can retrieve their API credentials (API Account ID and API Auth Key) from the API Settings page. With these credentials, they can perform actions such as creating, updating, deleting, and searching Jobs and Actions they've created. Access to other API endpoints will be rejected.

Can Merchants manage their own webhooks?

No, Merchants cannot manage their own webhooks. Webhook notifications need to be set up by the Administrator. Configure webhooks through the Administrator account at Manage Webhooks or via Integrations > API. Ensure the appropriate Location is selected for the webhook URL.

How do I manage Merchant accounts and API access?

Manage Merchant accounts and API access through the provided link: Manage Merchants, or navigate to Organization > Merchants in the main menu. From there, you can grant API access, view API Account IDs, and manage other settings related to Merchants and their API access.


In conclusion, effectively managing Merchant accounts and API access is essential for ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality of your platform. By following the guidelines outlined in this FAQ, you can empower your Merchant Level 2 users to leverage the REST API efficiently.

From granting API access to managing webhooks, these steps are fundamental in facilitating smooth operations and enhancing productivity for both administrators and merchants. Utilize the resources provided to streamline the process and maximize the potential of your platform's capabilities.

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