How do I schedule a "To Be Dated" job?

Go to "To Be Dated," select a job, choose a date, confirm, and schedule. It will move to "Scheduled Jobs."

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Streamline Scheduling: Setting Dates for 'To Be Dated' Jobs in Cigo Tracker

  1. Access the “To Be Dated” Page: Look for the “To Be Dated” page. This is where you will find all jobs that are ready to be scheduled.

    FAQ : To be Dated

  2. Select the Pending Job: From the list of jobs, select the specific job you want to schedule and click on the “schedule” button located in the top right corner.

    FAQ: To be Dated (Select Pending Job)
    FAQ: To be Dated (Select Schedule Icon)

  3. Choose a Date: A calendar will appear, allowing you to choose the date on which the job should be scheduled. Select the desired date from the calendar.

    FAQ: To be Dated (Choose a date)

  4. Additional details: After selecting the date, review it to ensure it’s correct. If there are any other relevant details or options to set, make sure to complete them as well.

    FAQ: To be Dated (Additional details)

  5. Schedule: Once you’ve chosen the date and made any necessary adjustments. This action will confirm the scheduling of the job for the selected date. It will now appear on the “Scheduled Jobs” page.

    FAQ: To be Dated (Finish Scheduling)

By following these steps, you can effectively schedule a “To Be Dated” job in Cigo Tracker, ensuring that it is assigned to a specific date for execution and will be part of your upcoming tasks in the “Scheduled Jobs” section for easy management and planning.

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