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Introduction to the Cigo Tracker App
Introduction to the Cigo Tracker App

Elevate delivery ops with Cigo Tracker: Schedule view, Job details, Action sorting, & instant Notifications for top service!

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Optimize Your Delivery Operations: Discover Cigo Tracker App Features

In the fast-paced world of logistics and delivery services, efficiency and reliability are key to staying ahead of the competition and satisfying customers. Enter the Cigo Tracker App, an innovative solution that streamlines the delivery process from start to finish.

With a focus on providing comprehensive tools that enhance delivery operations, this app ensures that every delivery operator has the necessary information and resources to execute their tasks flawlessly.

Welcome to an elevated delivery management experience where functionality meets excellence in service.

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Explore the Core Pages of the Cigo Tracker App

The app is divided into four main pages: Schedule, Job List, Actions, and Notifications. Each of these pages serves a distinct purpose within the app.


The Schedule page is the hub for viewing all scheduled delivery routes for the current driver. It offers a complete overview of past, present, and future routes, enabling operators to plan and manage their day effectively.

Cigo Tracker App: Schedule Page


The Jobs page is where delivery operators interact with their daily itineraries. Here, they can access all the essential details for each job, including customer names, phone numbers, addresses, and additional information.

Cigo Tracker App: Jobs Page


The Actions page provides operators with the capability to reorder stops if necessary and offers an overview of completed and upcoming jobs. Additionally, this page features the scanner tool for efficient task management.

Cigo Tracker App: Actions Page


The Notification page serves as a central hub for all updates, including stop modifications, messages from dispatch, and any changes to itineraries. It ensures that operators are instantly informed of any modifications, keeping them well-informed and up-to-date.

Cigo Tracker App: Notifications Page

In Conclusion

The Cigo Tracker App stands as an indispensable tool for any delivery company aiming to refine and enhance its operations. Each feature is meticulously designed to support delivery operators in providing top-tier service. From efficiently planning your Schedule, managing the Job List with ease, and optimizing routes via the Actions page to staying promptly informed with Notifications, Cigo Tracker covers all bases.

Adopting this robust app into your delivery workflow means upgrading your level of operational excellence, staying informed in real-time, and ultimately, delivering satisfaction right to your customer’s doorsteps. Embrace the future of delivery management with Cigo Tracker, where every delivery is an opportunity for perfection.

Need more help?

If you have any questions or require further assistance with using the Cigo Tracker App, our dedicated support team is here to help:

  • Contact Support: Reach out to us at

  • Knowledge Base: Browse our Knowledge Base for detailed guides and FAQs on how to make the most of all our tools and features.

  • Live Chat: Click on the 'Chat' icon in the lower right corner of your screen to speak with one of our support agents in real time.

We’re committed to providing you with the resources you need to excel at route management with Cigo Tracker.

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