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How can I make changes to customer information within Route Plan?
How can I make changes to customer information within Route Plan?

Find customer in route plan, click arrow icon, select 'Update,' make changes and save. Note: This may recalculate itinerary.

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Adapt with Ease: Updating Customer Information in Cigo Tracker's Route Plan

  1. Locate the Customer: Start by accessing the route plan where you want to change a specific customer. Locate the customer entry within the plan that you wish to modify.

    FAQ: Route Plan

  2. Access Customer Profile: Look for a small arrow icon at the customer field’s top right corner in the customer entry. Click on this arrow icon to access the customer profile options.

    FAQ: Route Plan (Arrow)

  3. Select Update: Within the customer profile options, you’ll see an option labelled “Update.” Click on this option to initiate updating the customer’s details.

    FAQ: Customer Job Page (Update)

  4. Make Necessary Changes: A window displaying the customer’s current details will appear. Make the necessary changes to the information you want to update, such as name, contact information, or address.

    FAQ: Customer Job Page (Updating Job)

  5. Save Changes: After making the required changes, save them by selecting the “Save” button or a similar confirmation option, depending on the interface.

    FAQ: Customer Job Page (Saving Job)

Note: If a job has already been assigned to an itinerary, updating certain fields that impact routing can trigger a recalculation of the associated itinerary.

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