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January 23rd, 2023 - Release Notes
January 23rd, 2023 - Release Notes

Web update: Polylines can be hidden, improved UI for itinerary list, and enhanced map focus logic.

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Web Enhancements: Hideable Polylines, Refined Itinerary UI, and Advanced Map Focus



  • Ability to hide polylines from the Itinerary builder: In addition to "road" and "flight" mode - Users can now select to hide the polylines from their routes on the itinerary builder.

Release Notes: Ability to hide polylines


  • Improved user interface for the Itinerary builder itinerary list: Minor UI enhancements to the itinerary list - The objective is to make it leaner and more compact for the user.

  • Map focus changes: In some instances, the map focus would zoom in/out based on user action which can sometimes be disruptive to the route creation experience.

    The improved focus logic prevents this behavior by removing it when:

    • Deleting a stop

    • Deleting an itinerary

    • Saving an itinerary

    • Right-clicking a stop on the map

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