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October 3rd, 2021 - Release notes
October 3rd, 2021 - Release notes

Update to the Cigo Tracker web platform! New features and fixes added in October.

Updated over a week ago

Last night, we released an update to the platform. Our team has been working to add some important features, bug fixes, and other enhancements:

Web Updates:

  • Customize your SMS notifications to your customers (if this feature is enabled)

  • Enhancements to the Route Builder (New experience)

    • Support for new itinerary note feature

    • Itinerary label maximum length has been doubled

    • Various bug fixes related to auto-split advanced and express

  • Mapping tool for your CSVs that you upload to our Import Tool

    • If you have a CSV file with all of the required data to create orders in our platform, you can map your CSV columns yourself now

  • Recently released our Zapier app integration:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented TBD jobs to be found in the Import Tool when created via the Public API

  • Resolved some validation errors within our Public API's Swagger JSON specification file

    • This should be helpful for developers that want to generate an SDK in GoLang, C#, etc. using this file

  • Other minor bug fixes

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