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August 16th, 2021 - Release notes
August 16th, 2021 - Release notes

Update to the Cigo Tracker Web Platform! New features added in August

Updated over a week ago

We just released an update to the platform! We have been working on adding new features and are happy to announce the following enhancements:

Web Updates:

  • Express and Advanced auto-split options for the new Route Builder. With the Advanced auto-split option you will be able to:

    1) Set the minimum and maximum amount of jobs per route.

    2) Set the Maximum distance for each route

    3) Set the Maximum duration for each route

    4) Consider customer time options

    5) Consider Weight

    6) Consider Volume

  • General improvements and bug fixes to the new Route Builder in general

  • Full itinerary creation, management, and routing preview via the Public API

  • Webhooks registration for job status changes, and add/update events

Stay tuned for another update coming very soon with more features!

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