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July 13th, 2020 - Release notes
July 13th, 2020 - Release notes

Another update, a bit lighter this time.

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If you are having any problems loading content on the Dashboard, try clearing your browser's cache!

Hello everyone! Another update, a bit lighter this time. We are still working on delivering a new Android experience within the coming weeks. If you're interested in piloting the new app, please contact your account manager.

We have many more features upcoming that we are excited to share with you soon!

Web Updates:

  • Your account administrator may now set the default Job Type and Confirmation Status of newly created Jobs from the Company Settings page

  • We have added 8 more week options in the Upcoming Jobs dropdown on the Customers page

  • Automated emails sent to your customers no longer include our support email in the reply-to if you've defined your own mailing lists

  • From the Public API, when creating Jobs, you may now set your own geo-coordinates and/or choose to skip the staging area (Import Tool) altogether

    • Note: If you do not provide coordinates, but still choose to skip staging, we will geocode the address you've provided for you. For more information, review the Public API docs

  • If Cigo is detects your timezone incorrectly, or you would like to set your timezone manually to monitor activities while in a different location, you can now set it from your Profile page

  • From your Company Settings page, your administrator may now set whether the status for Job Actions is visible on the Web Tracker

  • Support for routing and route optimization outside of North America, South America, and Europe

  • Various minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

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