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June 15th, 2020 - Release notes
June 15th, 2020 - Release notes

Web updates

Updated over a week ago

If you are having issues with the login, please contact your IT administrator to ensure that the following URLs are allowed on your network:,,

Attention iPhone users, please ensure you've updated your app in the past few weeks. Thank you!

First and foremost, we hope that you are doing well, staying safe, and that everyone around you is healthy. We wish the drivers on the road the best given the current circumstances.

We are hoping that this major update will be helpful in improving some aspects of your operation, and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are always open to comments and suggestions.

Web Updates:

  • In the Web Tracker, you are now able to create your own information content in the form of Advisories (as shown in the screenshot).

    • This can be configured by the main administrator in the Settings > Company page, under the Web Tracker section by enabling the Advisory Section and setting your Advisory Text

    • You may also choose to disable the default General Information section of the web tracker on the same settings page

  • In Step 2 of the Route Builder, we now provide a simple one-click option to automatically split your pending jobs to the vehicles you selected in the previous step

    • This is the first iteration of the Auto-Split feature. Future iterations of this feature will consider other restrictions such as capacity, volume, time preferences, specialized hardware, zones and regions, etc.

    • To enable this feature, please contact your account manager

  • Review sharing has been partially revamped. You can now set your own custom Twitter hashtags, and the Facebook option redirects to your Facebook page (if set in the Company's and/or Location settings)

  • Logos set in the Company Settings and on Locations can now be cropped, and adjusted directly from the web

  • In the Import Tool, we've dramatically increased the size of the map preview to facilitate its usage

  • In the Public API, retrieving an Itineraries information now includes information about the start and end location, as well as some route metrics (namely estimates of total distance and duration)

  • We now have a real-time Status monitoring page available for all, you can visit it at:

  • We also made numerous minor enhancements to:

    • Fix an issue with the 'Optimized' tag in Step 3 of the Route Builder

    • Fix a problem with marking web notifications as read/unread after they were already deleted

    • Fix a problem in the Import Tool with geo-coding of certain addresses containing a special character

    • Fix a problem with automatically generated pickup actions and their related On Route Stop not being managed correctly if changes occurred after re-upload in the Import Tool

    • Prevent password auto-fill on Chrome in management pages (such as while updating a staff member or an operator)

    • Fix a minor logic error on the Web Tracker where disabling review questions would sometimes disable commenting

    • Adjust the Web Tracker's On Route status to ensure the map re-centers on the vehicle's latest position each time it updates

Android Updates:

  • In the coming weeks, we will be launching our new Android app, rebuilt from the ground up. Just like the iOS version we released back in March, it features:

    • An Offline mode that lets your operators keep working even if they don't have an active network connection

    • A revised user interface with more options letting you work faster than ever before

    • Centralized notifications with an option to enable voice notifications

    • Significantly reduced network data usage

    • And much more!

iOS Updates:

  • Since the release of the iOS v2 app of Cigo, we've released a few updates. We will be releasing an update for iOS some time next week. iPhone users should make sure their app is up to date and look out for a new update available soon.

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